Thursday, 24 January 2008


"You've been feeding the birds again, haven't you!"

This morning was more chaotic than normal in the front garden. I usually put out some seed for the doves and some meat for the magpies. I can see the feeder from where I am sitting in bed reading the paper with a coffee. A pleasant enough way to start the day.

This morning some crows (Or are they ravens? Any ornithologists out there?) came and ate the meat first. The magpies came and sang a bit but there was nothing to eat. So I weakened, got up and put out some chopped up bread & butter. That seemed to satisfy them. Then the doves arrived for their seed but also along for dinner were some Indian minahs (they may eat the meat too, I'm not sure) and some rainbow lorikeets. Overall it was quite busy.

Equally happy with the show was a stray cat. I found some dove feathers on the ground but not sure if he got one or just winged it.



  1. I never knew Magpies ate meat!
    Those Indian Myhahs would eat anything I think!

  2. before i got to the part about the cat, the first think i thought of you musn't have any pets.
    I put out some bread crumbs yesterday morning for the birds, some on the ground and some up on the deck railing. My dog found them straight away.


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