Sunday, 20 January 2008

Job satisfaction!

Was in at the local hospital on Friday and in the brochure rack was a flyer on the National Public Toilet Map. You can view the map here, at your convenience.

It was funded by the National Continence Management Strategy.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not taking the sh*t. It is a great idea.

I just have to admit my total ignorance of both the National Continence Management Strategy and the National Public Toilet Map. How many other government initiatives are out there, straining away in quiet satisfaction, that I know nothing about?


  1. Ha! America could do with both a National Continence Management Strategy (plus map) AND a public restroom system that doesn't include dreadfully filthy gas station toilets!

  2. Thought you might be taking the p*ss.
    There is scope here for the holiday of a lifetime (if you are feeling flush). A toilet tour following the map. (I believe the gay fraternity call it "cottaging").
    Also scope for a new project - a "Michelin Guide to Toilets" (Top grade warrants a 5 loo roll cert.)

  3. The coat of arms certainly gives it quite an air of authority

  4. Good Grief!! Who knew???
    I still say it is money better spent than on an upgrade of some $%^^&*@# cricket museum in Bowral!!

  5. Mark: Are we talking throne rooms?

  6. This is why I'm going to miss your blog. Where else do American's considering visiting Oz get this kind of information. And it's on the web so I can REALLY plan my trip. Thank you!

  7. how did i find this
    i don't know
    but [butt?]
    here i am...


    i would like one of these maps for paris, rome, london
    and so on...

    at least in the states
    we have a public restroom
    in every large building
    that welcomes the public....

    every grocery story,
    every medium to large retail store, every tourist attraction
    and so on...almost to a fault!

    dreadfully filthy gas station toilets are located down country roads and along highways
    where, unfortunately, [ LOL ]
    those passing through often don't *take care*
    so neither do the locals,
    so to speak...

    there are public toilets galore
    in USA museums and travel spots
    which sport state of the art facilities
    and automated sinks and toilets with attendants
    and THEY ARE FREE!

    i could sure use one of these maps for major cities around the world where 2 toilets must serve hundreds!
    so amazing really,
    as, well,
    we all have the need *to go*
    no matter what nationality,
    what religion,
    what race and so on...

    i just Love this posting, i do...

    National Public Toilet Map!
    tell me,
    are toilets that hard to find in your country?

    i was just wondering because
    this posting makes me want to jump on the airplane
    and take the 24 hour, 2 day trip
    just to pick up
    one of these Maps!

    so very cool...


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