Friday, 18 January 2008

The three camera tales...

In a comment to the last post, Sky asked for more details about the three camera sagas.

There can be found here along with a couple of other 'historical' posts.



  1. The tale of the traveling camera or is that pants?

  2. I haven't said anything but I'm going to miss reading your comments on the world & it's contents. I usually read all the blogs together twice a week or so. I'm just not a daily guy!

    Still, have a wonderful trip. It really sounds great. And be safe; everyone reading would miss you.

  3. very nice experience...memorable...
    wished I have more adventurous experience like yours (well, maybe not as dangerous though).
    pls do post some entry now and then from the country u r visiting later... technology at ur fingertips...:):)


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