Thursday, 3 January 2008

What are they saying? And who to?

Margaret brought me a copy of "Psychologies" magazine when she returned from Scotland.

It has some interesting stuff in it but what intrigued me were the advertisements.

In the first 112 pages (I gave up once the ads started to be half, quarter or smaller page ones) there were single or double page ads for the following:

Cosmetics & perfumes (12)
Luxury cars (5)
Chocolate (4)
Washing powders and fabric softeners (4)
Cameras (3)
Stir Fry vegetables (2)
Cat foods (2)
and one each of bras, watches, toothbrushes,
car insurances, DVDs, Club Med and talk-back radio.

So just who is their market?


The article on Debra Messing read strange in the index "Debra Messing, on the couch. 'I've had to learn to say No'" Good thing too.


  1. It looked interesting until they started unlocking my dreams. If they ever manage to do that I think I will be in for a tint in that funny hotel with the mattresses on the walls.

  2. My favorite magazines have all been taken over by advertising. I have gone six or seven pages before I found an article to actually read. So I cancelled all of my magazines except photography.. I guess it is the same with most of them. I didn't even KNOW about this magazine. haha

  3. I've been reading Forbes (a business magazine) and The Economist (a news magazine) lately. They each have full page ads for watches that are completely unknown to me. Rolex is one thing but Ebel or Concord?

    BTW, I'm really enjoying The Economist. It has articles that go beyond the news AND it has a viewpoint that is not totally US centric which is most refreshing.

  4. Yes, I was given a copy of The Economist recently and it was a good read.


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