Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cast adrift

"Marooned Pirate" - Howard Pyle

My ISP went belly up yesterday. Don't know why. But it was awful! It only returned late this afternoon. A day without internet connection! All of a sudden you realise how many things you use it for.

And I'm heading off for the bulk of the year on a holiday?

Will I have withdrawal symptoms?

Will I cope?


A brief follow up on the last post. We head off in just under seven weeks time. I was just doing some early planning. Having proved posting by email worked I should have deleted the last post but a few folk had already commented by the time I thought of it and it would have been rude to delete it then so I left it.

Also I have decided to just continue with the A Curate's Egg blog for the travel posts rather than have a stand alone blog for the trip and will delete the other blog shortly.


  1. How long will it take you to complete the whole journey? I begin to feel we'll be 'empty' if the trip deters you from blogging. But you'll have a golden experience by the end of it.

  2. Officially home abt October 29th but will also be home for a week in April and a week in August. Will post text where and when I can but cannot see an easy way to do photos until later on.

  3. Have you considered not posting at all?

    Taking a complete break?

    We would miss you though.

  4. That is one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen!

    I imagine after a day or two of no internet, you would not miss it as sharply. It's those first few hours of withdrawal that I've found difficult. I've taken to keeping a handwritten journal again whenever I'm away from the computer for days at a time.

  5. Truly, it will be a great trip for ya, and, knowing that you CAN turn a fine phrase, you'll leave no sadness in your wake.
    Well, some.
    I still wander over expecting to see new, exciting, and, usually, funny things here.
    But your spirit of good will and humor will shine through to your words, too, so, what the hey... Enjoy a great "ride".

    Out of curiosity, you are thinking to visit on Zeppellina while in Scotland, aren't you?
    As for Cuba, the folks up in Canada went down for a beach vacation one winter, but were surprised by some taxing nonsense about paying to leave. That sounded sufficient enough for me to just wander around Canada looking for Cuban Cigars instead of going to the actual country, no matter how easy the Seinfeld group made it seem.

    By the way, the rabbit you were feeding,... that was my clue to mention the "foods to avoid" thing.
    Rabbits aren't all that different from us humans. Well, except for the fact that boy rabbits are as cuddly as girl rabbits. I suspect if boy rabbits had a three day growth of sandpaper beard, they wouldn't be near as popular as they are.
    Anyway, they eat what they like. Sure, you can talk about putting salt in the diet of a horse to get him to drink, but, unless you step into, oh say, starving the cute lil bunny for a few days, it ain't gonna eat just any ol' thing.
    Now, the old man down at the rabbit store (in Germany) he had a different method. First, he'de find what the rabbit liked the best and would "salt" it with whatever he wanted to feed it and gradually increase the ratio in his wants until the rabbit would be on his diet, which worked out well for him because the rabbit WOULD be on his diet in the long run. Well, his or someone who would buy the thing.
    (talk about a heartbreaker when I found out this outcome. Some were big, fat, cuddly looking things. Wiggly noses, floppy ears, just cute beyond belief. It was a miracle I didn't ever sneak back in the night and set them all free.
    Hey, I was only ten.)

    Much later in life, I often wondered if one were to feed his rabbit, say, barbeque sauce, would it help the flavor after?

  6. Lucky you, glad you will be taking us along with you.
    Bon Vonage!

  7. love the marooned pirate painting!!! : ) that's exactly what no internet access and computer woes feel like to me! sorry you had to experience it at such an inopportune time. (btw i still haven't bought my mac... but it's macworld this week in sf, so maybe i'll get up the nerve to actually buy the mac of my dreams.) big hugs, snowsparkle

  8. I know that feeling. On the rare occassion that my internet goes down I have to drive around the streets with my laptop looking for open WiFi to get my fix.

  9. Oh, smart. Didn't think of that!

  10. 7 weeks...not back until October! It sounds so grand.

  11. ummmmm'..dunno' just where you are heading Sir'..but it sounds like a loong fun trip...


  12. Nooooo! You MUST blog! You must tell us what you are doing and where you are and what it is like. Otherwise, I will feel like the marooned pirate!

  13. ok... just where are you headed? If you come near Florida... let me know! I would love to meet you and the Mrs!

  14. egads! i know what you mean! i'm leaving for a couple of weeks in Feb & Mar. I'm trying to figure a way to be electronic in Morocco!


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