Friday, 25 January 2008

Would you let this into your country?

Have been test driving the idea of not shaving for the duration of the travels - less to pack, less to do, less inconvenience.

Is that just a polite way of saying lazy? Maybe.

The only doubt I have is with border control - my passport and visas are beardless - opinions on-line are divided as to whether it will be a problem. We'll see. The worst case scenario is that I would have to shave to prove I am me but the photos in passports are supposed to last for 10 years. Who looks like their passport photo anyway? If I really looked like my passport photo I would clearly be too unwell to travel.

The photo, btw, was taken by hand; just holding the camera out in front of me. And, just to calm Margaret down, I should point out that I never have my glasses down my nose. That was just done to mess around.


  1. I read on someone's blog that there is to be no smiling on passports again?
    I have always noted at the end of 10 years, how different my appearance is on my Passport.

  2. I like beards but I sure look old and gray these days if I let it grow. Not that I look all that much better without it but I figure every little bit helps.

    BTW, I'd let you in but then again I have absolutely NO influence with our government.

  3.'ll still look charming with that beard! This prepares me for the 'Mat Salleh' (what we call white men here..LOL!) I'm gonna meet end March! Funny.. I just looked at my passport photo too..I smiled so gleefully and youthfully it looked so fake..especially when you compare it to the sagging me now!

  4. To shave or not to shave, that is the question. I dunno. I say whatever pleases you.

  5. I shaved my moustache off in NZ so it's only fair that you import something hairy into the UK as an antipodean balance.

  6. OoOo... you can always try the local barber here, for USD3 you can get an indian barber cut your hair, shave your beard, and a good neck massage in the end too if you are lucky! :)

    btw, the beard looks good on you! but i think i still prefer men without beard.

  7. You would need a new passport in the UK, Lee, current face has to match the photo. (We must not even smile on the photo anymore - still there ain't too much to smile about in the UK if our politicians get their way)


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