Sunday, 3 February 2008

Getting the band back together...

.Richard, Martin & Simon

We collected Simon from the airport this morning. A little weary around the edges but otherwise none the worse for wear.

His flight got in at 6:25am (ugh!) so we headed off to Rathdowne Street in Carlton to meet up with Martin for some breakfast.


  1. Don't you love it when you're all together again? The times, few and far between, when all my children are with me at once, are pure joy!

  2. What a handsome trio!

    Hmmm ... I've a couple of daughters hanging around here .....

  3. So good to have everyone together!

  4. The three amigos, very handsome!

  5. When I see siblings' photos (even mine and my kids') I love it that you can see a little bit of mom and dad here and there..they're true combination of you two great people! And what a jovial lot you have there!

  6. Glad he made it home safely.

    (there's a 6:25AM too?) ;)


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