Thursday, 21 February 2008

From the gazebo to the world...

Sorry about the photo - especially if you haven't had breakfast yet. In response to yesterday's post, Mark wanted a photo of me in the gazebo with the new laptop. I took a photo using my camera on time release but then realised that I didn't have the connector to get the pic from the camera to the computer, so the above photo is taken with the computer's built-in camera. Be careful what you ask for.

I will add the camera shot later on.

Re naming the computer: consistent with Margaret's assertion that the computer is my mistress, I have opted for <a href=""target=_blank>Phryne</a>, a famous courtesan. (thinks: I wonder if blogging by email permits embedded links...)


A little later: it didn't seem to like the hyperlink. Oh well...

Still don't know how to tell Blogger I want the picture in the centre either.

There may be some of you who remember that I referred to Phryne in a past blog.



  1. A fabulously slim Laptop!
    Your last command seemed to be successful- the pic is centered! How many tales will Phryne be able to tell at the end of her travels, I wonder!

  2. Sadly no, Meggie. The last pic was added later, in the study, while logged in via Blogger.

  3. I like Phryne! You introduced me to her in that post and now she's yours forever..He he that first photo scares me..

  4. eeek! first pic look like papa smurf! :)

  5. Well, well - all you need is the yachting cap to be Captain Birdseye

    As to the MacAir - what a wonderful mistress, so slim, slinky, tactile and seductive as you caress her buttons and bits (she is almost worth posting on your "After Dark" blog!

  6. oohh..thats you Uncle Lee, you look different from your profile, sorry for not come to your blog for long time, so not notice about other picture of yours. You look like somebody who have a lot of humor and warm, but since we never meet, so cannot tell much about that. Thats a really great laptop that you have! Always dream of it.

  7. So Lee, do you need someone to housesit the gazebo while you are gone?

  8. I miss my's the only thing from my old house that I really wish I still had. But, looking out the window at the ice cycles and the snow on the ground lets me miss it a tiny bit less...for now anyway.

    Envious of the new laptop. Since you have named it, and Margaret calls "her" your mistress, I'm curious,have you setup a female voice to alert you when you have mail? (my husband's says, in a sexy voice, "Master, I have mail for you"...I try not to get jealous) ;)

  9. I am using G-mail for my travels and I don't think it has an option for a sexy voiced vixen to announce the arrival of male. But I will look into it...

  10. ...uh...sorry Sigmund...mail.

  11. that was certainly a Freudian slip if I ever heard one..haha


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