Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Birthday Girl

Yesterday, as a belated birthday treat, we headed off on a river
cruise up the Yarra, the river running through Melbourne.

Three hour leisurely affair, complete with a five course dinner.


This post started life as an email post to Blogger, to prove that I could post photos by email in anticipation of life on the road.

I had two issues: 1. The photo, sent as an attachment, was left justified while I prefer them to be centred. And 2, lines left blank to space the document disappeared, running the two sentences into one block of text.

I logged in and tweaked the post to correct both these issues after posting.

Anyone out there know how to work around these issues more elegantly?


  1. Aahh..what a beautiful birthday girl you have there..happy belated birthday Margaret! Sorry I can't help with this as I've never tried blogging from e-mail myself..

  2. Sounds like a birthday well spent-what a lucky and beautiful girl!

  3. Birthday girl - boy would I hear about it if I described my wife as a girl! Woman! "I haven't been a girl for a long time" would be the mild version.

    I'm intrigued by the idea of emailing the blog. Didn't realize one could do it; I'll have to try. Good luck with overcoming your issues.

  4. Happy Birthday to Margaret!

    Sorry I can't help, elegantly or otherwise

  5. What an elegant woman! Photo more than justified if you ask me!
    (sorry, haven't a clue about such things. Take it as it comes if I were you, it will give your travel blog more ad hoc immediacy...)

  6. Sounds like a lovely birthday!

    For the blogging, I have the same issue when posting at work. I cannot select options such as colour. For the lines, I use:
    < br >
    whenever a line break is needed.

    Keep up the entertaining blogs! Provides entertainment for me at work hehe

  7. Happy Birthday Margaret! what a beautiful elegant photo!
    Seems Jujee might have an answer.

  8. Is the photo pre or post prandial?

    Five courses?

    Belated birthday greetings to your elegant Margaret!


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