Monday, 4 February 2008

Full gallop...

Haven't blogged much for the last few days.

What with Simon's return yesterday, a dinner with friends on Saturday, dinner with family tonight, Margaret's birthday tomorrow...

Feeble excuses, I know, but things have just been busy!


Part of the goings-on involved shifting Simon to another room. No big deal but it did mean that, on his first day back, still fresh (?) from an 18hr flight, he was crawling under the house relocating computer cables to the other room.



  1. Happy Happy Birthday Margaret!

  2. Ditto, and get off that treadmill!

  3. Happy Birthday to Margaret...what a gift...Simon at home.

  4. Wow..a busy and reunited family sounds just like heaven to feel that spirit of oneness again..and what's in store for Margaret?

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes and as you picked up,...Simon home is the best present. Not only that, he is in one piece, he has matured, and is happily grounded and looking forward study. I am, we are, looking forward to soon catching up with some of you in person. Until then...

    May the wind always be at your back and fare thee well for now.


  6. i know how it feels
    when the mouse
    falls off the wheel.

    must feel great to have
    a family festival in full swing.

    many happy returns of the day
    to birthday girl margaret
    can't wait to read about
    the cake you bake!

    big hugs,

  7. Many Happy Returns of your Day, Margaret!

    So nice to have the family circle complete, best gift of all.


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