Friday, 29 February 2008

Farewell, wish you could come to the dinner!

Tomorrow, we head off. Well, Sunday really but the flight time is 00:45hrs on Sunday morning. Really, I ask you!

Well, we have to be at the airport on Saturday so, tomorrow it is.

Things are packed, the car is up on jacks, last minute things are being dealt with, and the malaria tablets start tonight (I wonder if they taste any better than the last time I had them?).

So: one more sleep!

But tonight, we dine. The official farewell dinner.

I have decided to give those staying behind a taster of the trip:

Starter: Vietnamese fresh spring rolls.
Soup: Thai hot and sour prawn soup.
Main: Malaysian chicken satay skewers with rice.
Dessert: Coconut mousse with mango.

OK, I cheated on the dessert. It has no fixed abode that I know of but it does have a tropical slant.

Now, it's time to cook...


  1. so u r departing tomorrow...
    have a safe journey...
    have a great vacation...
    waiting for ur updates...

    p/s my email (in case I can b of any help while u r in Malaysiia)

  2. Cool! Enjoy your travels... I'm turning green right now.

    Anyway, hope to see you in Malacca on your birthday!

  3. Enjoy your travels!!
    Best of Luck for it all.

  4. Bon Voyage!

    Dinner sounds delicious.

  5. Bonne Vacances!

    40 shades of green here!

    Yum yum on the repast!

  6. hope we can eat satay together

  7. Mmmm, always enjoy the descriptions of your dinners.

    Bon Voyage
    and have wonderful trip!

  8. Have a grand time! Don't forget to write saying you wish we were all there...

  9. Enjoy your trip...can"t wait to read all about it.

  10. mmm...wish i was coming to dinner.
    Bon Voyage and safe journey!


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