Monday, 18 February 2008

Cat amongst the pigeons...

Here we are, twelve days out from a eight month holiday, a cat has been thrown in amongst the pigeons!

No, no more wobbles from Richard.

This time it is Martin.

He and his girlfriend, Roni, announced their engagement yesterday.

We are, of course, enormously happy for them. But it has, also of course, started all sorts of maternal juices flowing in Margaret. Can we organise an engagement party before we leave? No. Will their be two weddings, one here, one in Malaysia? Who knows? When will they get married? About this time next year, we are told.

So many questions. So much 'flutter'.

Going overseas for eight months seems a perfectly sensible thing to do under the circumstances.


  1. how exciting - a trip AND a wedding! Enjoy both!

  2. Wooo hooo! Congratulations to them!

  3. Congratulations to the future husband and wife and off course you guys winning yourselves a new daughter!
    At least it leaves you with 8 months to think about the wedding.
    You leave in 12 days??
    All the best!!

  4. congratulations to your son and future daughter in leave in 12 days-oh my!

  5. 12 days? Wow..time flies! Congratulations for that charming future daughter-in-law..yay..she's a Malaysian you say? They both look so lovely together. I'll be crazy with anticipation..what with the wedding plans and the much-awaited journey if I were in your shoes.

  6. yayyy!!! congratulations!! they are a beautiful couple!

  7. Nice looking couple; please pass on my congratulations. BTW, interesting shirt Martin is wearing.

  8. Congratulations to the happy couple and to you for the new addition to your family.

    And good luck on your journey. When the kids are bit older, we dream of taking a year off from everything and traveling the world.

  9. WOW! Wedding bells!
    Boy just isn't going to give you two a moment's peace, eh? But, who cares with such fantastic news!

    Got the book a few days back (this is the first I've been out for some time)
    It came around 4pm. We ate dinner, Steve wandered in for tv time, I thought I'de peruse the book.
    Lee, I laughed and I laughed and I laughed!
    From the mopment the "bad guy" called and asked about Murray Grey (he got run over by a bus.. What? Run over by a bus. What?) I knew I was hooked.
    Kris Kringle flew me through laughs galore, the Princess's blessings had me howling, Cosmo the lawyer's bid for earnest money from the bad guys was sheer genious....and by the end of the book, I even got to learn some Australian!
    Thankyou, my friend!

    Of course, did I mention it took me all the way till 5:30 am to read it?


  10. Thank you all for your thoughts. We have snuck a family get-together BBQ into our chaotic departure plans. We have met Roni's mum but not the other members of her family.

    Re the book: Had enormous fun writing it, enormous fun (self) publishing it. Currently it is off the website as I will not be in a position to fill any orders for it for a while.

    Any publishers out there...?

  11. AHA!

    (or is it that I'm the last one to find out?)

    The writing style leaned on you're ways with words, but, it wasn't until I got back home and read the previous post that I fully knew, eh!

    Still, GREAT BOOK!

  12. Congratulations to your son & his fiance. A lovely looking couple. How exciting for everyone!

  13. Aren't they gorgeous?!
    Congratulations to all.


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