Saturday, 23 February 2008

It's not a hard grind.

Home made pasta for dinner last night. (Yes, that is some of my work above.)

Why make pasta when the shops are full of all sorts of packets, in all sorts of shapes?

Flavour. Texture. Satisfaction.

Served it with pesto sauce, made with some of the last basil in the vegetable garden.


  1. LOVE fresh home made pasta!!! I made the mistake of paying a small fortune for one of those tv infomercial pasta extruding machines a few years back... a colossal mistake. I found very quickly that pasta dough that is mixed and then pushed through an electric extruder like playdough isn't anything like pasta run through a good old hand crank pasta press. But the guy on tv was SO convincing! Another lesson learned the expensive way. :(

    The fresh basil pesto sounds wonderful! Makin me hungry...

  2. You are a man of many parts! I am sure all of them are excellent!

  3. WBB: There is a kind of pasta traditionally made by extrusion - called Bigoli. Probably most suitable for wholemeal pasta as I find if I try to make wholemeal pasta with the machine, the fibre holds the strands together in a large corrugated sheet.

  4. hmmmmm, home made pasta, what a treat!!!!

  5. my mom had the machine eons ago but she used it to make noodles instead. i wonder where the machine is now, maybe rusty and unused somewhere...

  6. I would *love* to make homemade pasta, it's something I have not tried yet. sadly 'im indoors is not a pasta fan, but then again if I dished up the homemade stuff I might convert him... have to have a practise first to try and get it right

    Think I shall add making pasta to my list of things I want to try/do this year


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