Saturday, 1 March 2008

Day One (sort of) - March 1st.

◊ A sunny morning at Burwood. Coffee & papers in bed. Lovely place
to visit. Will definitely try to come back here.

◊ Watched to lorikeets, the multicoloured mafia, fight with a raven
on the feeding tray. Quite colourful – I wish I could have got a
photo but it would have disturbed them – the raven jet black, what
Dylan Thomas would have called 'bible black', and standing at least
twice as tall as the lorikeets in their red, green and blue outfits.
Odd that they fight at all really, as they eat different food – the
lorikeets eating the seeds, the raven eating the meat. But they put
on a good show and eventually the raven grabbed some meat and fled.

◊ An article in the morning paper on the odds of surviving a plane
crash. Happily the odds are good but the timing could have been better.

◊ Wandered to the kitchen to made coffee and tea and was confronted
with the stacked up remnants of the evening's meal. It was a good
meal but high dirty plate-load. Slowly working them through the
system. Smiled at the thought that I will not have to wash any dishes
again for a while. And so many other foods to explore!

◊ Wont sleep in my own bed for a while, either.

◊ Now, what have I forgotten to pack...?


  1. Hi guys, not sure if you'll be checkin in but just wanted to say have fun fun fun, stay safe and enjoy it heaps.
    Update us PLEASE!! so we can "travel" with you.

  2. waving goodbye from the edge of the drive...

  3. How exciting! Bon voyage!

  4. I always forget at least 2 or 3 things. Last trip i forgot my toothbrush!

  5. Bon voyage, dears! Enjoy! Write soon!

  6. Have a wonderful adventure! Happy travels.


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