Monday, 31 March 2008

Three Generations

Hliza, her mother and her two daughters.

It is hard to describe the feeling: you feel you know someone from blogging, from sharing their views of the world, and yet you have anxieties before you meet them in real life.

I can tell you that Hliza, her sister, Nani, and their friend, Aizan, were all as warm and as gentle as they appear on their blogs.

We had a truly lovely time. We were collected by Hliza's sister, Nani, her friend, Aizan, and Hliza's two older children. They took us on a tour of Malacca before going to Hliza's mother's house for a most delicious lunch. I am going to have to increase my Malaysian recipe repertoire! Before luch we were given some nibbles that were delicious but defy easy description. Lunch included a Malay 'birthday cake' (yellow sticky rice, prawns, quail eggs), chicken rendang curry, 'flossed' beef rendang, an assemble it yourself laksa, charming little rice parcels made of coconut palm leaves and a chicken korma curry. To finish the meal off was a dragon fruit; the red fleshed kind rather than the white fleshed version available in Australia.

After lunch we visited a mushroom farm being set up by Hliza's younger brother before the other brother took us on a river cruise. On the way home we stopped off for a local 'drink' (who's name escapes me) that consisted of grated ice, coconut milk, palm sugar, red beans, some green noodlely things and possibly a few other things. Cool and refreshing.

A truly delightful day and we give a big 'thank you' to Hliza for making this visit to Malacca so memorable.


  1. We were so honoured that you folks would want to visit our little hut! My mom wanted to make sure everything looked 'Malay'; the food, the's not everyday you get some Kennedy's to step into your doors! We still regretted about the 'chair' incidents though..

  2. Lee

    You seem to be having a wonderful time. How lovely to be welcomed so warmly by a fellow blogger


  3. oh what fun! I was just talking to a friend ( who is also a blogger friend- but was a local friend first) about doing a "blog tour"- don't think i'll make it all the way to yr. neck of the woods tho, but if i did...

  4. If you did... would be most welcome!

    (Not sure what I would choose as traditional Australian food, though).

  5. The drink you speak of reminds me so much of a drink that my daughter in law (who was Vietnamese) used to get in Little Saigon. It had the grated ice, coconut milk, and three different types of beans, one red, one yellow and one green. I loved it, but sure don't know where to find it anymore, now in Georgia.

    I need to read back a bit and see if I can find out what you are doing with all the traveling, vacation, or business.

  6. the local drink u mention is called Ais Kacang.

  7. Looks great!
    Chair incident??? Do tell...


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