Sunday, 30 March 2008


We arrived at the hotel in Malacca at about 9pm after 12 hrs travelling from Mulu in Sarawak.

We were tired.

We were hungry.

I was trying to find Hliza's phone number on the computer why at the same time trying to figure out how to text on a new, and unfamiliar, phone that we had bought at Miri airport.

The door bell rang....and in came two hotel staff with a chocolate cake, singing happy birthday.

Margaret was ducking and weaving around the place with the camera.

While all this was going on the phone rings...

It was Hliza.

I have no idea what I said to her, I do hope it made sense, but we will see her and her family today.

We are looking forward to it enormously.



  1. How nice to think of you and Hliza meeting up today! Have a lovely time...

  2. What a trip!

    The bats here in New England are dying from an unknown ailment. Perhaps we can ship our mosquitoes to Mulu. Happy belated birthday!

    How cool that you get to meet Hilza!

  3. I'm soooo jealous LOL. Want to meet both of you as well.
    What a great Birthday surprise, where's the pics then.
    Happy Happy Birthday Lee, our little man turned 3 with you.

  4. You are having such an amazing trip going these places I've never even seen on a map. Guess I just don't get out much. I especially love the wrap up notes. They give the odd little insights that add a feeling of traveling along with you.

  5. He he..there's few time when you paused, and I was thinking..did I speak too fast..or too slow..did he understand me..if yes, why didn't he respond? And I was distracted too with Najla in my hands..


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