Monday, 3 March 2008

So far so good...

Internet wi-fi has been elusive but have a number of posts ready to go when found.
We have settled in to Bangkok, met all the local conmen, tried a few foods, walked a lot, tuk-tuked a bit, by-passed the fried crickets (for the moment), seen a swodge of Buddhas in beautiful, ornate temples, declined numerous offers to the tailoring and lapidary sweatshops of Thailand and are about to head off on a long-tailed boat tour of the canals of Bangkok.  Tonight we catch the local train to the hills (Chiang Mai).


  1. Local conmen...uhhhh...take care more of yourself..uncle Lee.

    Hope can meet you in one

  2. sounds interesting, can't wait to hear more. enjoy!

  3. Into and out of places that will confuse you as you transit....
    is this the twentifirst century or a few hundred years ago but I just have modern clothing SOMEHOW....

    Except that I remember the size and ferrociousness of the 'skeeters, I envy you.

  4. did you happen to stop in at a hotel spa at the D2 for a massage? (that's where my spouse says there's a fabulous massage therapist. ask for nina)

  5. I just Looooove the new banner Lee.
    Waiting in anticipation all the news and posts.


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