Sunday, 9 March 2008

Premium transport!

They looked dodgey but the bamboo rafts were extremely robust.
Especially considering the treatment they got going down the rapids.
Idyllic scene at one point - we were drifting through pretty thick jungle, a line of elephants were walking across the river and a group of buffalo watched from the bank.


  1. What fun to travel with you, albeit digitally. I hope you got to sit on those rafts going down rapids... you are much braver than I!

  2. Fantastic travelogue so far, Lee!

  3. Yes, you could sitdown. That shot was when we were crossing the river at one point prior to rafting proper. All our valuables were later put in plastic bags for the main trip. Just as well too. While no backpacks went in the water, numerous people did. That, plus the guides having ongoing water fights to try to slow down the other rafts and overtake them.

  4. Oh yes, Mum: we did all wear life jackets for the rafting proper!


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