Monday, 31 March 2008

Cartoonist Envy!

The Malaysian papers have more cartoons than ours back home.

And...and...they still have Blonde and Peanuts.


  1. So glad I popped in here....Have been enjoying your travels. Love the photo of stitching silver thread into that fabric. The iron fretwork railing makes the picture.....Now I have itchy feet!

  2. Nice to share your travels, you are looking extremely well & fit!
    Hope Margaret is feeling better.
    Lovely that you got to meet Hliza & her family.

  3. wow! so happening in here (your blog)! how wonderful that you get to meet with hliza and family and that yellow sticky rice cake looks yummy! hope margaret is better.
    if you ask me, yeah... i think i'll get that huge butterfly and extra big knot in the tummy for meeting someone from blog world. so, kl is next huh? which hotel? :P

  4. Dorsett Regency.

    If you are about, happy to settle the butterflies and loosen the knot with a coffee...


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