Monday, 31 March 2008

A quiet day in Malacca.

Margaret has come down with a cold of some sort so we have had a quiet sort of day.

Went out this morning and found a new back-pack for me and some peppermint tea for the ailing.

When we returned I left her sleeping and went to visit various museums that are nearby - the democracy museum, the kite museum, old Government House, an old church (St Pauls - something about the English building a light house beside it (above) appeal to my sense of humour.), a kite museum, the people's museum and a museum of enduring beauty.

When I returned Margaret was still sleeping so I got myself a drink and set about visiting some of my long neglected fellow bloggers. According to Google Reader I had 287 unread postings.

Tonight, cold permitting, we may wander off to the sound and light show that is nearby.


  1. Oh poor Margaret, I hope she'll recover fast. Waiting ahead after this is a beautiful city full of high modern buildings and busy streets..hope she can enjoy it!

  2. How delightful that you got to meet Hilza and her family!

    A speedy recovery wish for margaret. And if you two are ever in New England, the door is always open!

  3. Margaret .. I hope you heal quickly to resume your wonderful holiday!!


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