Sunday, 23 March 2008

Sad, so sad.

Found our selves at a zoo today. My assessment of most of the animals is advanced psychosis. Many pace up and down, many just rock from side to side, the rest stare listlessly off into the distance.

They can all see the tropical rainforest from their cages.




  1. Precisely why I loathe zoos (and circuses)

  2. Me too..there's better places for animals than zoos.

  3. oh G-d! wish we could sneak in and set them free.

  4. I never cared much for a zoo.......I feel as you do, they are yearning to be free. Even for a life of peril, it would be far better to be free. Although I don't suppose an animal caged its whole life would last long in the wild. He looks institutionalized to me.....


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