Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Energy issues

Malaysia seems to have a very high uptake of energy saving globes, certainly in airports and hotels. Which is great.


And it is a big but...

But they seem to think that any enclosed space (car, bus, plane, hotel room, auditorium) needs to be refrigerated to single digit temperatures.

Perhaps they think we tourists are perishable goods?


  1. Yes, that's true. We think it's too hot here and tourist might find that a put-off. And we do feel it's hot. Plain.

  2. Don't get me wrong - I like air-conditioning but the settings always seem so low. The guidebooks don't tell you to pack woolly jumpers and thermal underwear to travel to the tropics!

    Mind you, a friend worked in Russia for a while and during winter all the buildings were heated to 30+.

  3. Ha ha..that's why I have to have thermal wear when I stay in hotels here or I'll switch off the air-cond!


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