Saturday, 8 March 2008

We regret the interruption to our transmission...

Alive and well but finding wi-fi, well not really finding wi-fi.

But writing bits as I go so, when they come, they will come in a rush.

Post titles will include "Another day, another greeting", "An elephant ate my walking stick" and "Same-same...but different".


  1. some say you can find wi-fi by walking around while holding two metal rods... looking forward to the post about the elephant

  2. can't wait to hear about it all!!
    so jealous, sounds wonderful all ready, just the journey.

  3. ....about the finding wifi, not finding wifi".... yeah. Here in the states we call that Yahoo.

    Hey, that's what I have.
    Sometimes it's there, sometimes it cuts out in mid sente

  4. Sounds interesting, and all the better for being saved up!

  5. We will reach Malacca late on 29th , because I have class on that day till afternoon. We will fetch you on Sunday at the hotel, my sister will text you to confirm.


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