Friday, 25 May 2007

Unveiling a beauty.

Jean-Léon Gérôme, Phryne before the Areopagus 1861.

This painting seems most apt for this post.

Firstly, it is of Phryne the courtesan, my wished for 'grand romance' in my responses to one of Lillie's interview questions. The story that goes with the painting is a fascinating one: Phryne had been accused of profanity. When it seemed as if the verdict would be unfavourable, her counsel tore off her robes. The sight of her beauty so moved the judges that they acquitted her.

Secondly, Lillie has revealed another beauty in a comment posted to my interview answers. She says that she also asked Cosmo Newbery a set of questions and that he is answering them in a most individual way, presumably the only way he can. Some of you may recall that Cosmo, Percy and a dog, K9, had a poetry duel last year in which I figured quite prominently as the subject. Oh yes, the dog won.

Sorry for a bit of a 'fill-in' post - my studies are a pain in the neck and my back is a pain in the back. Both are improving.


  1. Well, thank you for the advertising but I am a way from finished yet.

    And, while I am loathe to challenge your memory, I should point out that the poetry quest was for the heart of Cora, the fair Mayden, and that she, for reasons unknown, insisted that we include you in the fabric of our replies. The warp to my weft, I venture.

  2. Wonderful painting, Lee...I can understand your interest.

    I hope your back is soon back to how it should be.

    You might be facing a losing battle with j cosmo newbery....keep on your toes!

  3. haha, seems things have not changed much, a pretty woman can still get away with far more than an ugly one.......

  4. I am being a pretty woman and I am thinking that what I am getting away with is being a sign that I am not achieving what I could possibly be achieving.

  5. It is rather enraging to dwell upon that painting's story.
    Hope your back is on the improve.

  6. Still - that's better than having a pain in the ass, Lee! I have had to cut my holiday short due to Proctitis (which I had never heard of before until I was told that is what I have got).

  7. Good luck with your studies and back Lee!


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