Thursday, 31 May 2007

Vertebrae & Beans

My back mends slowly, but mends. It reminds me of some years ago when I had another back problem. It was characterised by the back feeling okay but occasionally, unexpectedly, pinching a nerve. The immediate effect was that the pain would make me sink to my knees briefly. That action released the nerve and I could stand up and continue what I was doing. Quite bizarre but manageable. The staff got quite used to seeing me walk across the laboratory and do this strange genuflect as if ducking from an imaginary sniper and then continue on as if nothing had happened.

At that time I found the above packet of jelly beans in a store and had written to the manufacturer, lamenting that even though I had eaten the beans I was none the wiser for it.

The letter tickled the fancy of the manufacturer and a small correspondence ensued that resulted in the Managing Director delivering a box of jelly beans to my work. I received the message that he was in reception and headed down stairs to greet him. I reached the bottom of the stairs and as I turned into reception my back pinched the nerve and I sank to my knees in front of the somewhat startled man.

"It's OK", I said "It is a traditional and quite respectful chemist's greeting to a man holding a large box of jelly beans."

What else could I say?


  1. Wonderful, Lee! Cheered me up no end.

  2. Too funny! It is a great skill to be able to think quickly on your feet. Or knees.

  3. Lee

    I trust he appreciated your genuflection


  4. really funny! how did he respond? did you explain?

    good story!

  5. I think your words and the gratitude you display most appropriate.

  6. I am still laughing. What an image it presents!

  7. lee, you painted such an hillariously vivid picture with your story...reminds me of monty python's ministry of silly walks skit. :) thanks for the smile!

  8. I suppose you should have then bent over and laid both palms down on the floor and bowed your head....might as well give him the full treatment.......I am sure he was already taken aback.....

    It does have a Monty Python ring to it.......

  9. I undertood flatulence to be a possibility after bean eating of certain varieties also . Imagine genuflection and audible flatulence together - Now that would have a Monty Python ' ring' to it

  10. I agree, priceless image!

  11. OMG! that is so frickin' funny - i've now sent the postlink to about 15 people. high-larry-us!

    thank you


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