Tuesday, 15 May 2007

(gasp!) Water! Water!

OK, things are not as dry as that photo would suggest but they are dry. But in a cold, autumny sense at the moment.

Today we reached the dubious milestone of the driest one year period on record.

The rain fall for the last year was:

The blue is the average rainfall for each month (mm). (Remember that it is a fair expectation for things to fall above average half the time.)

But of course it cannot be due to global warming. George said it wasn't and that was good enough for Johnny.

If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck

but doesn't have any water to swim in, is it still a duck?


  1. Your rain ended up over here. We are way ahead of the curve.

  2. I don't think you can claim one dry season is the result of global warming. Come on, Lee.

    Really, though, the question is not whether global warming is occurring, because it probably is. After all, the mini ice age just ended 150 years ago so naturally the globe is warming. The real question is whether human activity is the cause (it is not) and how dangerous is it to human life (not very).

  3. They are telling us here (England) that the heavy rains we are getting are the result of global warming. A couple of years ago, when we had a drought, they told us similarly.
    The last big ice age finished 10,000 years ago and we are still emerging from it. One day there will be another one.
    Our source of heat and life is the sun - it fluctuates - there is nothing we can do about that.
    To think that puny little man is the cause of all this is taking things too far.
    "Global Warming" (man's responsibility) is the new religion. No Hell any more so we have to have something else to flagellate ourselves with!

  4. Thomas: Common logic would suggest that the 'driest year' can only be one year long.

  5. Of course it is. That still does not mean one dry year is the result of global warming. I don't think you are a young earther so given the billions of seasons we have had, one dry year is not even a blip on the radar.

    The point is, climate change is natural and cyclical and it is the hight of hubris to suggest that human activity is the cause of climage change, as Avus pointed out nicely.

  6. Yes, I posted too quickly and did not know how to edit it. Of course it should be height.

    And me is a profeshionel riter.

  7. All I can say is something that rhymes with duck!

  8. Truck? Suck? Luck? Muck? Buck? Puck? Ruck? Tuck?

  9. To avoid confusion, I should point out that there are two 'Lee's posting.


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