Thursday, 19 March 2009

And while we are on nationalities...


"I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local store
does not sell proper biscuits like custard creams or ginger nuts"

- A British holidaymaker complains about their trip.


  1. Ha ha ha ha -- only a Brit, eh?

  2. I'm embarrassed to be British! Oh - the narrow-mindedness of that comment...

  3. Lady Fi - I'm embarrassed too. In our local supermarket here in France I always steer clear of the shelves with the Union Jack flying from them.

    Lee - you have just reminded me how much I adore ginger biscuits. Bugger! I might have to go and buy some now - that means sneaking to the shelves with the Union Jack flying from them.....

  4. That's cute!

    A product I've never seen! Can you believe it?

  5. oh, how FUNNY! Thank the gods it's a brit and not an american, we get enough bad press for being dumb travelers, nice to share it with some other nation.

  6. HEY! McVities!
    And LOOK!
    NOW Even More GINGERY!

    ....gosh. Makes you proud that we've shipped our McMammaries all over heck and hightower, doesn't it?

    So, I see they took out some salt, no more of that artificial flavoring or color, and yet they still manage to sell it at 75p?

    How can you tell if it's an American fellow over at the McVities?
    He's the guy trying to tell exactly what it is by squeezing each package as if it were a Christmas present under the tree.

    At least, I would.
    (well...I don't want the BROKEN ones....)

  7. And Americans are the ones with the bad travel reputations! Though it seems the Brits have been following closely behind us lately.

    McVitties... chocolate digestives... yum. I WISH our stores sold them.

  8. I don't get it.

    If a shop doesn't sell custad creams or gingernuts, then admittedly it's bad, but if no digestives or rich tea, then it surely cannot be said to be a civilised country.

    Then there's the question of the definition of a biscuit. Are teacakes biscuits or cakes? Johnny foreigner has strange ideas on this subject.

  9. I hate ginger nuts and what happened to Arnotts?????

  10. I have been searching all over for those damn ginger nut cookies (biscuits) -- i found them once a few months ago (in 2008), loved 'em, and now i cannot find them anywhere!!! - i don't rememember which store had them!


  11. Hey, if the worst criticism that a Brit can level at Australia is the lack of custard creams or ginger nuts, that makes Australia a pretty amazing (would the use of the word "bonzer" be appropriate here ?)country !

  12. Not big on the ginger flavor :)

  13. I had family living in southern Spain for a while and I couldn't reconcile the differences between what they and I saw when shopping (wonderful food, and so cheap!) and what some of their friends saw (everything's so expensive!).

    One day I went shopping with said friends and they ignored all the local produce and instead filled their baskets with expensively imported Heinz Chicken and Mushroom Soup, Wall's Sausages and yes, custard creams, and bemoaning the lack of a good M&S.

    We can be a funny lot.


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