Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Any cyber lovers out there?

I have been talking to a local documentary maker about cyber romances.

Part of what he said in his email to me was:

I am preparing a research document for the ABC for a further series of films about Love Letters . At the moment, the only restriction is that the subject or the letters have an Australian context or connection.

I want the proposed programs to cover a diverse range of subjects. It’s early days, but I may have examples of Love Letters from a convict past, Australian literature, visual arts, immigration and politics.

It should also be a broad definition of Love, not necessarily romantic, but letters between parent and child, sister to sister, brother to brother, dear friend to dear friend, etc, etc. Broadening the definition further, the love could be sweet or nasty, soar magnificently or fail dismally.

I’d like a contemporary story that reflects Cyber Love Letters.

He contacted me because of my connection with some very dubious 'romances' on-line with Nigerian scammers. While he is interested in those stories, he is also wanting other, more genuine, stories.

Do any of you know of people who have had cyber romances and may be willing to share the experience?


  1. Well, there was me and Rosie, until she died....Now I kind of fancy Ruby Isabella, and there's a few other lady dogs I liaise with online from time to time, but I guess us dogs don't count:(

  2. cyber romance yes, Australian connexion no. Frogs only.

  3. no antipodal alliances, alas!

  4. Ah yes, though it might not be the proper thing.
    It's love of that camera you have pictured, that truly makes my heart sing.

    Oh, the lines, and even the bruises and dents.
    The purity of purpose, whatever could be on the film it presents?

    It's true, though funny sounding, I am not kidding you.
    To see such beauty (even digitally) is a love so true.

    And it's not just cameras, though that's what's pictured here.
    It's also getting to see clocks and orerries made of wooden and paper gear.

    (there's no way I could explain that last.
    So I just poked on a youtube address, alas.
    I'll give it a try
    but, please don't cry....
    It's the planets (no not Holst) turning with a handle (no, not Handel) in a manner as to see the motions of the heavens, though not entirely to scale, still a thing of beauty....oh, poo.
    Go look)

  5. i should ask my bro-in-law, he would have a wealth of stories for you. he's now on cyber divorce #2- 3 counting the regular marraige.

  6. have a couple of friends (now married!) who met online. Sadly, neither couple are Australian. I'm in the market if you know of any decent single fellas, Australian or otherwise! ;)


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