Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour


Did the Earth Hour thing tonight and sat drinking coffee and talking to Margaret and Simon by candle light for a while and then went with a walk.

Couldn't be sure if we saw anyone else doing it. Lots of houses with their lights on. Those with the lights off --- were they home and doing the Earth Hour light's off thing or were they off visiting someone else?

Oh, well. The thought was there.


  1. There could be some good satellite pictures to be had if a lot of lights were turned off...

  2. Ours will be in an hour time. The kids had already planned to have the lights and TV off..but not the fan! Ha ha least half of the intention is there..hopefully nobody screams for lights (the littlest baby has a potential to do that!)
    Did you cheat? (maybe turning on the computer)
    Did you guys light up candles and sing early Happy Birthday song?

  3. We did it too. It is nice to spend time in the dark and quiet.

  4. We'll be doing it this evening.. only just gone lunch time here! I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet!

  5. right behind you... doing the earth hour thing tonight.

  6. Oh, no electric lighting and power for one hour. If modern society is not a true Light and Power, then human society will be returned to the Middle Ages.
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  7. #1 not very publicized here. At least not in Indiana.
    #2 I love doing that! Turn off the lights, fire up a candle or two, read a book, take a walk.
    #3 there are some folks (gasp) who still aren't connected to the net, and they REALLY don'e hear about things like this.

    Best for last department
    ANYBODY can go through those things (ligt a candle, take a walk, sit and talk) ANYTIME!
    And should, too. It should be called the turn out your lights club!
    And, since you made such nice eyes for the dark, I vote you for president!
    Anybody second the motion?

  8. All the lights were on and somebody was home.

  9. We did it. Unfortunately, we fell asleep so does that count? Wife woke up later and blew out the candles. Life in the fast lane, huh.

  10. The TV was on...Nickelodeon had the Kid's Choice Awards at the time of Earth hour-nice. We tried. I'm always try to do my part to help save the earth, but I do know that I can do better.

  11. I did pretty much the same thing. We had my step-son and his family over for dinner, then at 8:30 we turned off all the lights and lit a bunch of candles. I went out with the dog to see who else was participating and was disappointed as well.

  12. Interesting, so here's a thought -

    What if four couples got together for Earthhour at Couple 1's house. This means Couples 2, 3, and 4 have turned their lights out and are basically doing the 'Earthhour' thing, and Couple 1 is not. If there was a prize given out for everyone who did the Earthhour, how would they split it, esp. if the prize was a pair of shoes?


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