Sunday, 1 March 2009

Well, so much for summer. Now...a wet autumn?

The above graphic represents our rainfall so far this year, as a slice of the average rainfall for the same period.

The little green wedge is 3.8mm, the lowest Jan+Feb on record. The previous lowest figure was three times higher, 11.3mm, in 1893.

Now, for some reason Australia ignores the solstices for its seasons. Summer is Dec-Jan-Feb, so we are officially in autumn (fall) now. Let's hope it is a wet one. The novelty of watering the garden in the wee small hours is wearing a tad thin.


  1. It would appear Australia is only going to get worse as climate change progresses. Perhaps we'll see migration happening again, but in reverse - back to the lifeboat UK - if James Lovelock is to be believed.

  2. Ah-ha! I sometimes fantasise about what sort of change of circumstances might persuade my emigrated eldest son in Sydney to pack up and come back to the UK. Perhaps this is it, but I guess it won't happen fast enough for me.

  3. You are having a thing about circles at the moment?

  4. I can't imagine anyone wanting to leave Australia for the UK at the moment. I reckon you'd have to be VERY desperate. Next time I'm out walking, I'll do a rain dance for you:)

  5. Naked Henry, naked! are naked. Sorry.

  6. Yes Lee, Victoria is getting a beating at the moment with high temperatures, lack of rain, bush fires and I see on the news this evening that more high winds are predicted for tomorrow...sorry its been a disastrous couple of weeks.

    Meanwhile northern N.S.W and Queensland are having downpours and floods, talk about an imbalance in the weather profile.

    Lets hope Autumn brings you some much needed rain. ♥

  7. years of living in the south kept us aware of droughts. the lack of rainfall even threatened our drinking water. so many nights of watering gardens after midnight so i could get 2 waterings in on my assigned "water day." i am so glad to live in the pacific nw where we do not have these worries and winter is filled with rains which nourish us and our gardens. sending you so many wishes for a wet autumn, one that feeds the deepest roots and nourishes life.

  8. I hope your Autumn is wonderful. I can't wait for our Spring. Another 4 weeks of winter for us I'm afraid. :(

    Send some sunshine over to us, please?



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