Thursday, 26 March 2009

Addictions we have known and loved.



  1. And if the caffeine doesn't kill you, the sleep deprivation wil.....

  2. Oh I heard one :- Do stupid things faster!! :D

  3. The beauty of getting older is that the caffeine doesn't affect me any more! Like just now, I've had two cups, and I'm going to take a little nap before getting serious about work.

    What could be better?

    You have an interesting and funny blog here! Thank you...

  4. 90% pure heroin, glue, wite cross and drinking, cigarettes, Southern Comfort, cigarettes, eating three squares a day, running, cigarettes....
    wait a minute, you already said cigarettes! TWICE before!
    well, what can I say?
    My expertise?
    Look at the list, again and now we all know why boneman is just a little off.

    I've broken away from everyone of them!

    (YAY, boneman!)

    and sven though i don't whine about the drugs at all, I wished I could have enjoyed a shot of Crown Royal, but, no going big deal. I can have a couple of small galsses of wine.

    But, I don't dare even smoke one cigarette or I'll buy a pack and finish it in a few hours.

    I rarely curse,
    Damned cigarettes!

  5. This is the best! I just might have to pinch this from you!

    I have pretty much given up coffee. But I was up early this morning (5:00) driving to the airport. I broke down and had a delicious cuppa. Not used to having that much caffeine, I felt like I was going to blast off the earth!

  6. Fill that cup with Diet Pepsi and you've got me.

  7. oh...look!
    I must have missed that memo....
    no ads.

  8. I have this little challange/survey that I do . I try see if there is noone that comes across my path while I am out shopping , going to the hospital like I did yesterday - you know, general out and about places ,I look to see if there is NOT one person drinking coffee.
    So far I have yet to go somewhere these days without seeing people sitting drinking it or carrying it around drinking while they walk. Its the new cigarette.

  9. How about the internet? I'm seriously looking into one of those phones that let you get a fix while you are out and about. Surfing while wandering the aisles of the grocery store. Who's an addict!

  10. I have a cup with that saying on it. Some days, I fill the cup twelve times!

  11. Boneman, I don't think coffee's THE most addictive substance known to humankind. That honour has to go to air: one breath and you're hooked for life!

  12. A TV programme this week in the UK stated that one of the benefits of a morning coffee was that it reduced the amount of a substance in the brain which triggers sleep - hence drinking the coffee wakes us up more quickly than having none.

    But is this a fact?

  13. I'm not one of the only make me go to the loo more frequent..I don't like that.

  14. Ahhh! going for my 2nd cup now.

  15. Sorry Boneman, Lol who would have thought?

    I'm better off with low octane instant coffee, the pure stuff makes me feel like I could fly. ♡


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