Thursday, 19 March 2009

You know you are Australian when...


You know the meaning of 'girt'
You know that stubbies can either be worn or drunk
You think it is normal to have a Prime Minister called Kevin
When you hear that an American 'roots for his team' you wonder how often and with whom
You understand that the phrase 'a group of women wearing black thongs' refers to footwear and may be less alluring than it sounds
You pronounce Melbourne as 'Mel-bin'
You believe the 'L' in the word ' Australia ' is optional
You can translate: 'Dazza and Shazza played Acca Dacca on the way to Maccas'
You believe it makes perfect sense for a nation to decorate its highways with large fibreglass bananas, prawns and sheep
You call your best friend 'a total bastard' but someone you really, truly despise is just 'a bit of a bastard'
You think 'Woolloomooloo' is a perfectly reasonable name for a place
You believe is makes sense for a country to have a $1 coin that's twice as big as its $2 coin
You understand that 'Wagga Wagga' can be abbreviated to 'Wagga' but 'Woy Woy' can't be called 'Woy'
You know, whatever the tourist books say, that no one says 'cobber'
You understand that 'excuse me' can sound rude, while 'scuse me' is alway polite
You understand that 'you' has a plural and that it's 'youse'
You know it's not summer until the steering wheel is too hot to handle
You understand that all train timetables are works of fiction


  1. You know that "bugger me" is an expression of wonder, not an invitation.

  2. That's so funny, hope you don't mind if I email it to some of my pals:)

  3. I don't know most of them..but Hannelie taught me 'bugger'..and you taught me 'rats!'..wonder what more I will learn from the Aussies..

  4. Well Lee dear, my Aussie friend you are right on the mark there with all of your information for tourists. ♥

  5. ohhh, I'd better study before hopping on a plane! I flunked that test!

  6. Now I'm surprised I can read your blog. You must do a lot of translating before you write. Or is there a Google language tool that translates Aussie into something closer to English?

  7. I think maybe that test on Facebook that i took may be right - i think i could live in Australia.
    and btw: I took word verification off my blog (just for you) yesterday and i've already been spammed twice. but the music stays just turn down yr. speakers if you don't like my taste in music.

  8. A high school friend told me a joke:

    "You need to be careful when you're an Australian traveling abroad - when you think you're saying "Excuse me, could you please direct me to the nearest train station?" you may in fact be saying "Oi, dickhead! Where's the trains??"

  9. Nice work! "A bit of a bastard" is truly damning.

    Maybe just pipped by:
    3- "a real prick"
    2- "makes Tony Abbott look like a bit of a bastard"
    1- a bit of alliteration that starts with "a complete .."

    PS noone thinks it's normal to have a PM called Kevin. The absurdity just wears of after a while.


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