Sunday, 1 March 2009

Nuclear attack on Adelaide?


In the forelorn hope of finding rain clouds on the horizon, I checked the Weather Bureau's radar site this morning. (More of that later) Above is what I saw.

What the?

What on earth is happening in Adelaide?

I went to the Adelaide radar and the picture is no better:

Have the Martian's finally arrived?

The Kallathumpians bombed the place?

An enormous circular rainstorm, heavier at the edges than the middle?

Need a new valve in their radar?

It's a mystery!


  1. well, if it was still Bush junior, I'de say either there were possible WMD there, or, possibly the new Democratic Headquarters.

    But then, Bush is off somewhere, crying about why no one likes him, any more.

  2. Sorry about that, Lee, we here at the Weather Bureau are having teething troubles with the new interplantary weather service for this galaxy. Due a glitch (and without going into too much detail, let's just say that the four-brained flurgs of Betelgeuse had better get their unopposable triple jointed digits out of their expended gas orifices and rewrite the programme), we have been showing the forecast for the mid-continent island on Uranus (don't go there, please don't go there - the joke, not the planet. If you want to go to the planet, we have friends in the travel bureau who can get you a great deal on a faster than light cruiser round trip taking it a number of planets)which, due to conflicting wind patterns has a singularly geometric rain pattern. Things will be back to normal as soon as the aforementioned flurgs get their shit together........

  3. I would call my mum and ask her but better yet, couldn't someone just push it a little to the right and take care of Wagga Wagga once and for all???

  4. Yeah... You WISH life was THAT interesting...

  5. Looks promising! We had thunder galore yesterday just to get spat at :-) no rain storms as promised either, well on our suburb at least. Some one said the Hills (east of Perth) might get some, I have not heard yet if that happened.
    Gargoyle got Evac-ed from the mines on Friday, Karratha and Peninsula will get some good storms apparently.

  6. It's the weather bureau trying to keep your mind off the fact that its predictions are always wrong!

  7. Sure looks ominous Lee, if that moves further east maybe you're in for more rain than you want. ♥

  8. Hell - if I saw that on my local screen, I think I would move out pronto.

  9. P.S. Did you ever discover its meaning?


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