Friday, 6 March 2009

A weekend off. At home, but off.


This is the 925th post on A Curate's Egg and my 1,522nd post over all in five blogs.

No wonder I feel knackered!

This morning I was all for chucking it in but I am feeling a little less impulsive this afternoon. I must apologise to folk as I have not been particularly diligent in travelling around the commenting traps of the blogs in my Reader (358 unread posts waiting for me.).

It is interesting blogging but at times I feel that I am starting to repeat myself, having flogged my hobby horses numerous times. Speaking of which, the above figures don't include the now defunct Chemist's Cookbook, a blog about food from a chemist's point of view.

However, I shall persevere, as long as people keep coming back to read!


Just an update on the ads. I have been looking at the figures and this is how it pans out:

◊ Roughly one person out of every 250 visitors clicks on an ad. (0.38%)

◊ Most of these people have come because of Boneman's fine efforts at propelling The Curate After Dark blog into the international limelight.

◊ Limelight fades.

◊ The ads have brought in 69¢ a day, roughly one good coffee a week. Boneman, I owe you!

◊ There is no retirement plan there but they add an element of interest.


  1. One must persevere in the face of apathy - if you can be bothered, that is.

  2. well, I'll be.
    A picture of Margaret and you getting the spa treatment? Why, you old dog!
    You are the lucky one!

    (and, if you don't mind me saying, the spa is really working for her!)

    (that probably makes it even, then, eh?)

  3. Boneman: I'm not so sure...

  4. At least it gets your brain working, chill out under your cucumber slices.

  5. Love that photo!

    Have a good rest and see you soon!

  6. Love the photo - I wonder if I'll be getting that kind of treatment when I'm at the kennels this week. As for blogging - I think it's something in the water - there are a few of my regular blogging buddies who haven't been their usual blogging selves lately and have had thoughts about quitting. Some aren't blogging as often. Even I've been a bit slow. But my excuse is that I'm preparing for my stay in the kennels next week. Then mum's going to start blogging. So I've been giving her some tips. I'm going on, aren't I? You can't keep a good dog down:):)

  7. Blogging has its ups and downs, Lee. I have thought of chucking it sometimes, too. But an easing off for a while does the trick.

    Perhaps you have been overdoing it, old son (all that research for the "After Dark" blog must take it out of you)

    Don't leave us - you bring stimulation and humour to this odd old world.

  8. Cute photo, the little dog is so cute.
    So that is why you haven't been around.. just when I need you the most to cheer me up with your words of wisdom.
    It would be good if you stayed Lee, there is always something here to enjoy.
    However I do know how you feel, I've only had my blog since August last year but I have been so disillusioned lately I've almost 'pulled the plug' a few times, I've only stayed because of a few loyal and faithful friends. ♡

  9. Your opinion is always appreciated. I love it when you're sincere, sarcastic, funny or just plain right annoyed!
    Keep it up Lee pleazzzeee, blogland will NOT be the same without yours. I am always interested to see what you are coming up with or think about ....

    thanks for all the 1522 posts!

  10. Mr. Lee:

    You're work in blogland had not been completed, so you cannot leave. As part of Blogbenefits, you are however permitted to take a brief period of absence if you so desire,whenever you so desire.

    We do expect (and want) you to return rejuvenated and full of Lee'isms.


  11. Huh! The AdSense doesn't seem to find me interesting..they're taking the approval period more than 2 weeks now. I think I may better just forget it. And..don't you dare stop blogging. But you can come and go as you please..

  12. I wonder how they get that blue stuff off the dog?
    If it were Gni Gni, she'de eat the cucumbers, for sure!
    Probably take a swim, too, I'm guessing.
    Then they'de just show her to the door.

    (and she's nice enough to meet.
    Stays tidy and neat.
    but, before you take your seat?
    Perhaps a bit of meat?

  13. Take a break, Lee. Come back, refreshed, whenever you feel like it.

  14. Hi Lee. As you can see in the last post - I am having trouble leaving a comment! LOL I am leaving too many bloody comments!

    I think its time for a "time out" - life gets like that. I am not sure you have a dog so if you would like a lend of Kenzo to take to the spa - give me a call.
    Rest up and "chill out". Woof!

  15. We take vacations from our ordinary lives - why not from blogging? I always read here; I don't always comment. For the record, I would sorely miss the three of your that I read regularly.

  16. i am glad you intend to continue. i always enjoy my visits here! vacations are always a healthy break from the routine.

  17. Lee, consider posting some older pieces for a while - as Diane has done at Diane's Addled Ramblings, so she can have a life-balance kind of hiatus - Many of us will nto have read a bunch of older pieces, but could well enjoy them now, coming so late to blogging and the curate's egg - Good in parts, but only when you're truly rested and yourself again - Take care, Fhi x

  18. love ur blog. u can hv a break. but u r not allowed to quit blogging.

  19. Happens to all of us; I think you're perhaps a bit too conscientious, you don't have to be entertaining us ALL the time, much as we enjoy it! Sorry I don't click on more ads, but time constraints preclude it.


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