Sunday, 8 March 2009


It did knock, I was out the back digging compost into the vegetable garden.


  1. Hi Lee Honey!

    No sense crying over missed opportunities. Better to look forward and not back. Besides, you reap what you...dig in the compost...
    Have a nice day Sweetie!

  2. Sweet Cheeks has a good point there about what gets reaped.
    This is the day I've decided to save. Yes, here, daylight savings time gets clunked into our clocks.

    This is just part of a beautiful morning altogether, so, I think it's a good one, for sure, but, I have decided to save the whole years full of days.
    Screw those legislators!
    (I know you don't prefer videos, but, this came with a video (on my post) though my e-mail has gone kablooie (that's a highly technical term meaning poked in a bucket and dropped in a deep well)

    Have fun digging!


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