Monday, 2 March 2009

Just when you thought it was safe...


The first screen of a mass distributed Police SMS message this afternoon warning of high winds tonight leading into a hot and extremely windy day tomorrow and Wednesday.

Ugh! Fingers crossed.


Sorry, enthusiasm has not been high on posting of late.


  1. Not to worry, it is not an easy time Vic is going through and with your son sick again also, you just sometimes need that few extra hours away from other things to appreciate and refocus.
    Take your time, we know when you are back it's always a goodie!!

  2. Good luck Lee, lets hope they have got it wrong like they usually do. ♥

  3. We're thinking of you. Also, on the posting front - we think it might be a virus that is affecting lots of bloggers at the moment. Or perhaps we're all suffering from 'blogburn'?

  4. Oh Lee I am sending you some cool gentle breeze from Brittany.

  5. DANG IT!
    THAT'S IT!

    As soon as I find some boxed water, I'm gonna start sending some down to you!

  6. Its windy but raining a touch this morning Lee!

    We got our police message too.
    For a quick second I felt like "underbelly" LOL

    Hope things go back to "normal" soon for you.


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