Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Thirty years of neglect.


Thirty years ago today this scruffy looking individual joined a bus load of folk for a 90 day overland trip from Kathmandu to London.

Didn't quite manage it all overland - Iran was too dodgy in 1979 and, in deference to the risks to the US members of the group, we flew from Kabul to Istanbul and then travelled east into Iraq.

The route was India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Egypt (yeah, ok, we flew there too), Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany, a blink in Belgium & Netherlands en route to the ferry, London.

There would be a few more gaps in the trip if you tried it now!


  1. Bloody hell! It's Charles Bronson!

  2. I have photos of my friends from the same period and you could be one of them. Did we all look so serious? Nice of your mum to knit you a scarf!

  3. Dude was hot, in a Unabomber sort of way ;)

    You're hotter now, though ;)

  4. You can't hide handsome.
    Then or now ;-)

  5. Hey, you haven't changed a bit. Except for the scarf, maybe.

  6. Just the right combination of scholarly and hairiness! Wonderfully evocative of the time and the place methinks.

  7. Oh that multinational trip is not a new thing for you, huh? Anyway..never see such a handsome hippie..or Afghan-like traveller..he he..

  8. Wow! sounds cool. nice pic.


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