Friday, 26 December 2008

Well, it was a leap year after all!


A quick and lazy post - we are off to a house warming party.

On Boxing Day.

Shouldn't it be un-boxing day, then?


  1. How come we don't get Un/Boxing day?

    And now curious; are there certain Boxing Day traditions? What does one really do on Boxing Day?

  2. bloody noses abound.

    frightening picture by the way...

    enjoy the party and drink responsibly.

    my, how i do love when they say that...

  3. Um, right. If this is one of your pool parties, I will have to decline the invitation due to a subsequent engagement.

  4. Happy un-Boxing day! Hope your holiday was great!! xo

  5. So that is what you are telling everyone Lee - we all know you are off to the Boxing Day sales!

  6. Happy un-boxing day! Or, if you're in the UK, I guess you're off to the sales - a traditional pastime.

    For those of you who wondering: I think it was in Victorian England that people put food into boxes which they then gave out to the poor. Hence, the name: Boxing Day...

  7. I think unboxing is what you DO at a boxing day event... no???

  8. Yeah..I've wanted to ask that for quite some time..what do you do exactly on Boxing Day..packing back all the empty boxes for storage or what?

  9. Here, on Boxing Day, we sort of sit around and recover, like littl efat tummied puppies asleep in the sun. But I think, traditionally, it is a time to box things up for the poor. Or something like that. St Stephen rings a bell.

    Of course there are the Boxing Day sales (I looked for you Lady Jicky but couldn't see you...) that owe more to championship wrestling than to boxing.

  10. And what if the box contains briefs?

  11. Oh goodness, that gal sure can pull!
    And who wouldn't, seeing a flying bull?
    But she needn't fear
    as it's painfully clear
    the water's not up to full.

    (ouch! sore landing, that. Steak, anyone?)


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