Tuesday, 23 December 2008

"Ooops. I wish I hadn't said that!"


Four children looked on as their father was electrocuted while fetching a kite which had become entangled in power lines in Queensland last night.

A shopkeeper, who had known the man for more than 20 years, said the town was overwhelmingly forlorn as it came to grips with the tragedy, just days before Christmas.

"It's just total shock - you can't imagine," he said.

50,000 volts usually is.



  1. You really should be ashamed.

  2. omg, what a sad story. :((

  3. I think the lesson in this is - Life is so short and can be taken so quickly- enjoy what you have right now!

  4. I'm SO with Lady Jicky on that one. Being a dog and all, I have to grab life and give it a shake whenever I can

  5. You did not say that. I'm going to pretend you didn't.

  6. Oh that is so sad. I can't imagine the trauma they're facing..

  7. My cousin passed away in a car accident last week, so sad how tragedies hit before Christmas. She leaves behind a 11 year old (still in ICU - possible brain damage) and a 18 year old.
    We'll never understand life.

  8. it could have been worse
    (me? I don't mind the curse)
    He might have held up one of the children to snatch the kite from the wires,
    and while the third held fast to his feet, they all three met their dires.
    (oh, boneman! Bad!)

    Our kite had flown into the wires, stayed hanging there in the wind.
    I pulled the van over to where it was, climbed up on top, stretched up on tip toes....couldn't reach it.
    Got a six foot ladder, on my way up, the landlord came flying up in his truck, hollered at us to get down or we wouldn't be renting his house anymore!

    We thought he was mad.
    What he meant (when asked later) was that from the grave, we wouldn't be renting ANY house any more.


    Ah well.
    While life is hard to figure out, it's death that seems to hold everyone's attention. The children will forever understand not to do this, eh?

  9. oh shoot!
    I forgot to put my name in there.
    I did the name for humorous reasons.

  10. We knew, Boneman, we knew!


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