Saturday, 6 December 2008

A Psychic Reading for Lady Jicky - Part 1.

My original post had a photo of a bare breasted Gypsy,
a no-no apparently for people reading blogs at work.

Lady Jicky first visited my blog last week. Immediately I felt a connection with her and, much to her surprise, correctly suggested that she was behaving as a typical Scorpio. Last night I posted a cartoon that correctly picked two loves in her life: hers for perfume and her husband’s for computers. The time has come to stop messing about, to pull out the leaf tea, the crystal ball and tarot cards and give this thing a real thrashing. Either my hitherto hidden psychic skills will come to the fore or I will spiral to earth in a flaming wreck.

To most of you reading this it may be pretty boring and you can perhaps wander off and talk amongst yourselves. Tomorrow, or after Lady Jicky has commented, I will review proceedings and see how close I was.

OK, Lady Jicky. We have already correctly established that you are a Scorpio. In a added comment to a previous post I suggested the letter S may have some significance to you and you have neither confirmed or denied this. Perhaps I am picking up the Scorpio again but I sense it is a name, possibly yours or someone close to you.

You have volunteered the following: you love perfume, your husband working in computers and you have two dogs, Oscar and Rosie.

Let’s see what the spirits tell me:

First and foremost, I sense that you are a very generous person, quick to provide support to others but there are times when, if you are honest, when you recognise a selfish streak in yourself. I also sense that there is an inherent capacity for neatness, which is to your credit, but at the same time I can see that this capacity does not always prevail. I am thinking especially of the kitchen. I am sensing a lot of activity in the kitchen, an image of cakes, small cakes, iced cakes is coming to me. Oscar and Rosie are watching you closely.

I am sensing two other small creatures in your household. With one I, it’s hard to be exact but I sense the letter C is associated somehow. The other one is fainter, more distant, harder to read but possibly linked to the letter L or U. While I am sensing names I am getting a strong leaning towards M for some reason and a lesser feeling that an A is somehow associated with things that are important to you. The M could be a person or a place. I should stop this bit now before I exhaust the entire alphabet!

For some reason I am seeing a blue car outside your house.

The next card I pulled out was a 3 of Pentangles and, in conjunction with the rest of the previous ones, it suggests the sort of person who makes clear distinctions between things that are important and things that are not. You are quite analytical in this regard. You could well be the sort of person who has important photos carefully put in albums while other photos are just stuck in a box in a cupboard. I am thinking that, whoever the L/U person is above, you may have their photo in your wallet.

You say you like perfume. I can see this. I am sensing a lot of floral aromas around you, possibly more than just perfumes in a bottle, I am seeing roses, lots of roses. Also tea comes to mind. Possibly tea roses, possibly the aromas of tea. It’s not clear. Do you prefer tea to coffee?

Finally I sense a strong art undertone. Impressionist perhaps, I sense a Parisian connection. Are you French? Do you paint? I sense flowers in pastel tones.

I tried to see if I could find out more about your husband and while I am thinking the S may be related to him I am finding things about him to be sort of smokey, hazy. Not sure why.

OK. That’s it. Time to move from the spiritual to the…uh...spiritual. But wine-spirits, not the Uncle Norman-spirits.


  1. Are you sure you didn't have a few too many wine-spirits before you posted this? Seriously though, 'tis funny. Am I missing something here? Is everyone in on the joke other than little me? Lady Jicky's your neighbour - right?

  2. Hang in there, Henry. Nope. Lady Jicky is a total stranger to me, though I believe she lives in Melbourne. Maybe she is a neighbour! Maybe not.

    Part 2 will bring together the loose ends.

  3. You're playing with fire, lad! Be careful.

    BTW: you say it isn't you but she has a pierced nipple. Don't you have one too?

  4. Yes, granted, that is a similarity. But there are other fundamental differences.

  5. OMG Lee - you must be a stalker!!!
    OK - the S is either Shopping or my husband Steve.

    I do love to bake cupcakes and my pantry is a mess - how did you know? Oscar and Rosie watch everything I do in the kitchen -especially cake baking. Spooky.

    All those letters Lee! Lets see - C is for Carlos my grandson. L is for Lee or Lulu me dearly departed Pekingese. More Spooky!
    U - well that has me beat. ???
    Bloody Hell - my car is Blue.
    Nuh, I throw all my photos in a big box - sort of like my kitchen pantry , you stand back and chuck it in.
    Was that you in the bank the other day?? I have a photo of Lulu in my wallet - see the L letter.Mmmm

    I draw in pastels and I grow roses in my garden - I have over 60 bushes - do you think I have an obsession there? I'm not sure.
    I like coffee but I do have some Mariage Freres rose tea in that messy pantry!! Getting real Spooky by the minute.
    OK Lee - set up a stand at the local Farmers Market!!!
    YES I love FRANCE and I went to Paris this year! I paint/draw in patels and went to see the Impressionists at the Musee D'Orsay.
    You have a new Career Lee!!!Why are you wasting your time blogging?
    * Hey - what about some lotto numbers I want to go back to Paris!
    *** Listen Cosmo - the only piercing going on around here is Maria Callas hitting a topnote on the player!
    ** P.S - Lee , that woman needs a bra!

  6. Full confession in the next post.

    In my Uni days we had a 'pencil test': if a woman put a pencil under her breast and it stayed there, she should wear a bra. I think my psychic lady may fail that test and so can stay bra-less.

  7. I was in Musee D'Orsay in June. it is brilliant.

  8. Entertaining posts, this one and the confession post.

    Just one problem for me, the blog contained boobies and that's a no no to be viewing at work : /

  9. Jujee: I hadn't considered that! Sorry.

  10. Hahahaha! Reading blogs is ok at work? I've sure never worked anywhere like that. Besides, how serious a boobie can it be if it is on a tarot card? It's not like you posted a Playboy centerfold.

  11. It's when you can get a ruler under there you've got to worry...

  12. My Gosh .. I suppose a whole pencil case would be.. forget it!


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