Monday, 29 December 2008

Round 2 : Awarded to the Wasps.


Last night the branch of the apricot tree that had the European wasp nest entrance snapped off.

Somewhere, a choir of little heavenly wasps is sniggering at me.


  1. Sniggering? Is that a good thing or bad?

  2. hehe, you must did something bad, in this xmas, haha.

  3. Yes they are around ! Gee thats bad - have you tried to spray them at night?

  4. Yes, they are a choir because I sprayed them a few nights back. Deaded them. But the tree was too far gone and blew over last night.

  5. Sorry to hear about the tree.

    Where do you live that it is so balmy at this time of year?

  6. Perhaps you should have left them there...?

  7. Lee, just catching up here.

    I hope your dad rests in perfect peace and that you also are at peace with his passing.

    As for the wasps ... why you hate them critters man?

    Is it because they are European?

    Be careful..... Bzzzz

  8. Oh, no, European things are just dandy.

    It is their nasty habit of crawling into bottles and cans that makes them a decided health hazard when sitting in the garden.

    That's my reason anyway. (Have noticed some hanging around the veggie garden the last two nights. Not sure what they are after.)

  9. oh darn. i had so hoped for a successful resolution. :(

  10. Thank you Sky. Can I call you in as mediator next time?

  11. New Year Resolution: War with the wasps!

  12. I hope the wasps are dead! They are so nasty, & unlike bees, they can continue to sting repeatedly, which makes them so deadly. Poor apricot tree.
    Are there any fruit left?

  13. I hope it's only a small portion of the tree that is dead. I want that tree to carry on!

  14. Well, their sniggering has no basis in the reality of humor....
    Fruit trees are fabulous for heat.
    After a bit of judicious trimming, so fungus won't settle in anymore,
    and set the wood aside near your peat.
    First off it'll feed the good bacterias that you need for your garden of beets and carrots.
    Later cut the branches and twigs to a comfortable size, bind skinny twigs with twine (and watch out for parrots)
    Next Winter, what a fine fire you'll have! Fit for a King and his Queen, as well!
    As a bonus, if you should suffer a bit of downdraft, you'll also have an apricotty smell.


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