Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dinner for one. Some dinner. Some one.


I recently had the rare treat of being home alone. The boys were out at various parties, Margaret was off at a class reunion from last year.

I was feeling reflective and had a formal dinner in honour of my Dad, who died in September.

The last time I saw him, he gave me a wine 'for a special occasion'. Did he know how bad things were for him? Maybe. The doctors said 'remission' but they are on the outside looking in. Things look different from the other direction.

So I cooked a steak and had some of his wine.

He would have approved.

A handwritten note from my Dad that lives on my study wall.
He wasn't religious but loved wisdom, wherever he found it.



  1. That left a tear in my mum's eye - very moving.

  2. i am sure he would. the note he left is beautiful indeed.

  3. So, dinner for two then, actually...

  4. That was such a lovely thought - something to be emulated by others when we are feeling reflective too.

  5. You touched me deep. I was thinking days ago..about the losses around me this some people I know have never recovered because of them..and I thought you made it just fine..but I guess the pain you can never see..

  6. Lovely thought - I hope it helped.

  7. Got inspired by Braja and so have done a Shout Out today and featured you. Hope you don't mind:)

  8. A lovely way to remember your Dad and enjoy the wine and reflect on his memory in solitude. ♥
    Such a lovely hand written memento to treasure and keep from him; he sounds like he was a wise and very special man. ♥

  9. I was sorry to hear about your Dad Lee.
    You know, I do think when people are very ill they sort of know and the gift of the wine and the drinking of it while on your own was a wonderful thing to do.
    It lets you be with your thoughts and memories .

  10. it's a good thing that you had this time :o) i wonder if it brought loneliness remembering him or u felt good about it?

    very nice note too...

  11. What a wise man your Dad was!

  12. Lovely and I'm sure he was there with you, unawares.

    Nice blue walls, BTW. We just painted our "bat cave", the former boys' room, the same blue.

    Thanks for stopping by the Manor.

  13. It's those little handwritten notes we find afterwards which make us remember. My dad died twenty years ago, but there are still a few such traces around Mum's home, including how to work the music centre. She can't see them any more, but I can.

  14. Like Henry the Dog, your post made me well up a bit... I think that your timing to open the wine was perfect... a moment between you and your Dad.

    Sorry to hear of your loss. He must have been an interesting fellow.

  15. What a treasure. Is it in a frame?

  16. What a lovely ceremony and celebration of the life and times of your Dad.These losses just need these special touches I have come to believe

    After my mother had been gone nearly 20 years, I had a dream in which I heard her voice speaking my name with crystal clarity. We were traveling together in the alps ..but could not connect. My phone rang and I answered to hear her voice.. What a gift.

    I find your blog diverse and well done and I have enjoyed visiting.
    If you find you are out and about in the blogger community, please stop and say hello


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