Friday, 4 July 2008


OK, if the Curate after Dark was not in recess (no, not that recess) this post should be there but nevermind.

We were in a book shop in Vigo this morning - I bought a Spanish phrase book and we both bought a book to read as we travelled. I bought a Hemingway book, set in Spain.

On proud display, in the centre of a table of books, was The Big Penis Book.

As its name suggests it is a large book of photos of large erect penises (peni?). A seriously large book of seriously large penises. Talk about making one feel inadequate. Sniff!

Anyway, any sense that Spain was a Catholic and hence restrained or constrained society went straight out the window.


  1. I logged in and that thing nearly poked me in the eye! Oh my! I'm going to invite him to MY Halloween party ;)

  2. Wow! I've been reading and enjoying all your travels, but I couldn't pass up commenting on this. Wow!

  3. LOL, wow you are brave to say "scuzi, just gonna take a picture here in your shop of this hmmm ... book"

    I bought a book about Sophie Delezio and am looking fw to read her journey.

  4. Hahahahhaha! Would love to get my hands on it. The book, I mean. Not the penis.

  5. lee, would it be too terrible a pun to say this is my favorite post? ;) thanks for the mirthful way you start my day. big hugs,

  6. Wow, Lee, I know my birthday was yesterday, but really, you didn't need to get me anything. ;-)

  7. you were right Lee, it´s huge!

  8. By the way, in Spanish I would describe that as "una polla como una olla!"


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