Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Farewell Spain!

The window in front of me has lots of tapas, delicious little nibbles, that you can select and have with your drink. When you are finished they count the toothpicks and work out your bill.


  1. ANN in Denver, Colorado30 July 2008 at 12:09

    Hey I found ur blog! Great pics. I hope you and Margaret are enjoying Morocco. I'll email you later.
    Ann in Denver, Colorado.

  2. Always knew I had to 'kiss off' the old blog.
    Now there's a date involved with it's fini. The day after the elections here.
    And me?
    Well, thanx to that ever crafty /t Canadian fella, I can have my 'name' at the new place, which is
    and it's also a llot more fun than the political shtuff at grabbing the bull.
    So, it seems you've traveled a good deal of the world,
    Wasn't Cuba on the agenda, too?

  3. is that u uncle lee? look..mmm..mmmm..chubby, or maybe i have problem with my eyes.

  4. Were you tempted to consider, ahem..."losing" some of the toothpicks?


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