Monday, 7 July 2008

Singing waiters!

Went to the linguistically challenged "El Cafe de la Opera" for last dinner in Madrid.

The waiters sing every so often.

As we were on a central table, I found myself sung to a couple of times.

Happy birthday Mum! Wish you and Dad could have shared the night. Magic.


  1. rotting rooms, ham museums, singing waiters - you'll have to go some to top this trip!

  2. Every Sunday I go to church (and that ain't every Sunday, I gotta tell ya, )
    but, every Sunday when I do go to church,
    and I see Bud and Doris Votava,
    in a somewhat loud,
    fake Italian-like voice, I sing
    (to the tune, Volare')

    "VOTAVA! Hey ay!"

    (and they laugh every time, too.)

  3. This Spanish series seem particularly good, good light, bold architecture...well done! Were you embarrassed at being sung to?!

    (I bet Bud and Doris are glad Boneman doesn't go every Sunday...)

  4. When are you guys ever coming home?
    Happy B'day Lee's mum!! May you have many many more to come.


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