Wednesday, 9 July 2008

San Sebastian

A lovely city, with a great feel to it.

Unusually, the waves came in parallel to the shore, so a breaking wave would extend around the whole bay, approaching the sand uniformly. Never seen that before.

The beach was very popular.

I will be eternally grateful for the generosity of spirit of the young lady playing beach tennis, topless. And to Margaret for pointing her out. A happy memory.


  1. ....uh. So, I clicked on the picture....but they're too far away to see.
    Any chance Margaret let you get a closer photo of said topless match?

    (just kidding....)

    (no, really, though. Are you going to publish it later?)

    (nah....just kidding.)

  2. Maybe I should invite Boneman to my Halloween party, eh, Lee?

  3. boneman says yes....

    I thought this place looked familiar, but, details?
    Hook (Disney, with Robin Williams) is what made me think of it. The cartoon version of Peter Pan I think uses this place as a model form for their island.
    Of course, without actually looking it up (which is next on the agenda)(you know me...why put the horse up front) it's all speculation on my part.

    Now....about the party....
    Where and when?

  4. Halloween, silly (that's why we call it a Halloween party!)... in Virginia... I'll give you directions in October (it's easy to get here).


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