Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Quiz time!

These are photos of a building in Seville. It is currently used by the university. Many years ago it, and its function, was the setting for an opera. (Not too hard to guess which, I'm in Spain, remember!)

But can you tell me what the building was originally used for?


  1. i've no clue what the answer is... but i'm wondering how long you and margaret will be travelling in europe and what countries are on your itinerary next. i'll be landing in Zurich on July 27th and driving all over Switzerland, France, Spain, Holland and Germany for 3 weeks. Wouldn't it be wild to bump into each other by odd coincidence? Happy travels and big hugs,

  2. would it be the Alcazar?

    I feel as though I'm trotting along behind you, peering over your shoulder. I may never get to these places any other way!

  3. Snowsparkle: Rats! We head to Casablanca in two days and then back to Australia Aug 20th.


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