Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I don't know how well you can see this but all the crucifixes here seem to have JC with bleeding knees. Haven't seen that before.

The patron saint of indoor soccer?

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  1. biggest controversy isn't the knees so much as the actual cross shape.
    Jehovah's witnesses (still quite an unusual name) lean towards the idea of it being a great stake, an idea backed by the early Roman articles on waste of wood towards the prisoners.
    The Catholics hold strong to the view you have here, but, in my opinion, it's highly over-rated. Early on I had already heard about the concept that it would have been a physical impossibility for him to hang like that without ripping his hands free from the palms.(or wrists)

    However, about the knees. It's stated that he fell several times on the way up the hill, and therefore would have had very bloody knees.
    Take it from me, because I've been hauling big stakes around the property here since we first started taking up the old fence line.
    Huge stakes are so danged heavy!
    Of course, not having Roman guards behind me with a whip and an agenda, when they get heavy, I just drop them and go in for tea.

    And, about the dog....I've heard of connections, but, having suffered religious nonsense for so many years, I tend to take everything with a grain of salt, now.
    Or, if that's an incorredt saying....just flat out disbelieve the trappings until I can figure them out for myself.

    However....and as you know, traveling through the far East, dog, when prepared properly, tastes good.


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