Monday, 28 July 2008

La Sagrada Familia

Very few people get to see a cathedral being built in their life times. The one being built in Barcelona (it was started in the late 1800's) is amazing in its size and quite incredible in its design. The architect, Gaudi, was of the modernista school and liked the organic look. The next photo shows some of the interior columns, the association with trees is unmistakable. Overall the work is only half finished. (The 'free' internet service I am using wont let me go to Wikipedia at the moment but put 'La Sagrada Familia' into you browser and look at it. They have yet to start on the main towers so it will be a tall beast when it is finished - abt 2030.)

The bell towers - will house tubular bells.

Inside a bell tower. Two of the towers have lifts in them.

Some of the stained glass. The photo does no justice to the vibrancy of the colours.

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