Monday, 10 November 2008

Not justice, vengeance.


The three men accused of the Bali Bombing in 2002 were executed by firing squad in Indonesia yesterday.

I don't condone their actions at any level but I am against the death penalty as a punishment.

Who are they punishing?

Not believing in a life, and hence judgement, after death, I find execution does not have the desired affect. A dead person is beyond punishment. Only the living are punished.

1. Death is 'oblivion' to the convicted so they do not live with their crime.
2. It does not help the victims; revenge never does.
3. It is a poor lesson: killing is bad, therefore we will kill you.

The Australian Government did itself, and it's people, no service by not at least trying to intercede. The stand that we are against the death penalty for Australians but will stand by quietly while others are executed is a racist stand, not a moral one.


  1. Hey you, I DID give you a bloggy award! Remember? I said I knew you weren't the award type, but you were gettin' it anyway. And I'd give you a bunch more... but you're not the award type. Pffft.

    PS... I'm with you on the whole death penalty thing.

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